* St.Patrick’s Day Sale *

March 15th, 2017 at 8:01 pm

Hello dear friends!
I hope you are doing great!
I have been asked to have a little sale on some items in my shop and I can’t say no to this request ;)

So I am having the sale on my Lifetime Membership: purchase Lifetime membership and get the As-is Tube license for free! Just use the option of the Lifetime membership and email me for your as-is tube license!

Also I am having BOGO sale (Buy 1 get another 1 of the same or lesser value for FREE) on some of my Purchaseware, it’s applicable for my Wordpress Themes, Websets, Tube Packs and As-is Tube Packs. Just purchase your first item(s) and email me for your second one(s). Please note that As-is Tube Packs are limited editions, so once they are sold they will never be brought back on sale, so grab yours before they are gone ;) .

The sale starts right now and ends on Friday 17th of March, at 11PM CST.

Big hugs and lots of love sent your way!



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