Membership Terms of Use

Term of Used Revised on the 21 of April 2009.
Please read the TOU in full and if you have any questions or unclear moments don’t hesitate to contact me any time!

General Terms

1. By joining my membership area you agree to follow my TOU in their integrity even you haven’t read them completely. I reserve the right to change my terms whenever I feel it’s necessary without prior notice. Once granted the username/password to my site you are entering the electronic contract according to my Terms of Use!

2. I require link back to my site using the membership logo on your Main or Members’ page. My logo LINKED back to my site should appear on your site within a week (7 days) of joining, otherwise your membership will be suspended until you put the logo up without any refunds!

3. I ask you to use your real first and last name when you sign up to be a member (you can let me know your nickname but I need to have your real name too!).

4. You need to provide me with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your domain email. Free services can be your second option but they often block my emails so you won’t be able to receive your membership info and important updates if you won’t provide me with your ISP and/or domain mail!

5. You don’t need to have a website but if you have one I do ask you to give me your URL. If your site is closed/membership only and you request in your TOU login to your members’ membership sites I do ask you to grant me the membership too. If you don’t require access to your members’ sites than I won’t ask for it either.

6. If you are buying the gift for a friend, I need to know their complete info too.

7. I can accept only payments through PayPal in US dollars (I am PayPal verified). You can sign up for PayPal account for free and use any major credit/debit card through it or your bank account. If you make the payment with eCheck I will send you the login info only when the eCheck has cleared. All sales are final and NO refunds can be made.

8. You can’t share at any time your login info to my Membership Area! The IP checking system is installed on our server, if you are found logging in from several different IPs you may be blocked from the server and your membership maybe terminated (I will investigate first the case of course). If you are planning to use my Members area at home and in the office please let me know this!

PLEASE don’t forget to read the rest of my TOU on the next pages!

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