Membership Area Stats

This is what you will find in the membership area, statistics on March 22th, 2016. I won’t be updating the tubes and lines statistics anymore, I am adding so many every time, it’s getting boring to count them all ;)

Pixel Tubes: 51294 including Frames/Backdrops, Birthday, Household, Nature, Office, Computers, Backgrounds, Shapes, Webstuff, School, Baby, Christmas, St. Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Halloween, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Faeries, several Dolls and Critters.

Lineart and Doll Bases: 2987 including Fantasy, Household, Nature, Office, Computers, Backgrounds, Shapes, Webstuff, Sea, Exercise, Celestial, Sports, School, Baby, Christmas, St. Valentine’s , St. Patrick’s, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, several Dolls and Critters.

Graphic Palettes: 27 including Fall, Christmas, Skin/Hair colors and Miscellaneous.

Wordpress Themes: 16 including Mermaids, St.Patrick’s Day, New years, Cowntry Life, Fairy, Kitties, Easter, St. Valentine, Christmas Teddies, Winter, Spring Buggies, Summer Beach, Summer Berries and Friendship Garden Pandas.

Wordpress Plugins / Modifications: 31 including the ones with improved CSS, validation and functionality.

Websets: 7 including Mermaids, Fairy, Summer, Winter, New Year, St. Valentine, St.Patrick’s Day.

Weather Icons: 26 including the ones you can use with Wordpress plugins.

Moods: 14 including Happy, Artistic, Romantic, Christmas, Sportif, Fall, Scrapping, Welcoming.

Layouts: 1 with code snippets for PHPFanbase script and tutorial (can be used without snippets, just for HTML building purposes).

Email Sigtags Layouts (Tables) : 12 including 1, 2 and 3 columns.

Exclusive Sigtags: 245 including Everyday, Couples, Addictions, Friendship, Fall, Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine, St. Patrick, Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day, Summer, Faeries, Mermaids, Angels, Thanksgiving, Winter, Weightloss.

Web Cards and Calendars: 6 including Winter and Christmas.

Incredimail Stationery: 37 including Friendship, Love, St. Valentine, St. Patrick, Easter, Spring, Summer, School, Fall, Halloween, Fairy, Thanksgiving, Winter, Christmas; some of them personalizable.

WinXP Profile Pics: 4 including Angels, Teddies, Spring, Summer.

Desktop Wallpaper: 5 types, each type for 3 screen resolutions plus cellular including Angels, Teddies, Spring, Summer.

Quick Guides for PSP 8.0 and higher: 12 including tutorials on Shading, Creating characters, Texts, Animations and Easy Effects.

Graphics Tutorials: 17 including the ones for Beginners, Taking Screenshots, Resizing images, Recoloring Images, Shading, Texts, Animations, Making transparent gifs, Creating Characters and Easy Effects.

Wordpress Tutorials: 75 including
General: 8 - Beginners, Backing up WP database, Upgrading WP, Using Forms, Paypal buttons, Adding Flash movies and Live Clock;
Themes: 6 - Editing Templates, Adding Image Links, Adding Protection Scripts, Changing Themes, Adding Welcoming Message, Enhancing your themes;
Plugins: 61 - The list of Tested Plugins, Clashing Plugins, Individual tutorials for plugins on Weather Icon, Multiple Forms, Theme Switcher, Countdown, Posts, Comments, Counters, Polls, Mailing Lists, Siggie Rotators, Tagboards, Moods, Smileys, Avatars, Addictions, Drop-down links, WP mobile, Random Quotes, Visitor Info, Spam Protection, Audio Player. WP Translator and so much more!

Webdesign Tutorials: 7 including Adding sigtags to emails, Changing Permissions (chmod), PHPFanbase, Coppermine Gallery, Code Snippets and CSS tutorials.

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