Linkware Graphics

Here you can find my linkware graphics. They are free for you to use, you will need to put the link back to my site using the special certificate provided on every page you use my images (for websets) and text link in each email or page for sigtags.
Websets can only be used to decorate your own site, the sites of your kids under 18 years old or for the dedication/memorial pages. You can not share those graphics with your other relatives or friends. Please send them here so they can read my TOU and ask for their own graphics. I hope you have already read my terms of use, if not - do so now. Requesting the graphics you agree to follow the rules even if you haven’t read them. None of those graphics can be used in whole or in parts to create another graphics - for free or for profit, to give away or to use in any other way than decorating your site or email. Your website should be protected with following scripts: no right click, no image toolbar, no drag and drop, no text select. If you don’t have those codes email me and I will send them to you!
Sigtags can only be used to decorate your emails or on webpages, can’t be used for printing (unless you bought the printing license here) or for creating any other graphics.


I hope you will enjoy using those graphics! Please take a look at samples and order your sets below.

Cancer Awareness Set

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Set

Teddy Angels Set

To request please send me email at (you need to type the email address into your email program, changing AT for @) with the subject line “CDG Linkware Request” and the following info:

1. Your name
2. Your email
3. Your website URL
4. What graphics you are requesting and name where applicable
5. Any other info you would like to send me

As soon as I get your email and check your info I will send you the graphics during next 3 days on working days, up to 5 days on weekends and holidays.
Thank you for shopping at Country Delights!

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