About Me

Welcome and thank you so much for reading about me :) .

First and foremost I am a mommy! I have 2 adorable kids - Katyusha and Alex - who are the light of my life!

I love everything country, collect candles and hand painted houses, teddy bears, sheep and wind chimes.

I really enjoy drawing mouse made graphics and this is my main work after being mommy :) . I have started my country/pixel graphics site in September 2003 and I still love doing this ;) .

I also have Webdesign and Hosting company that I started in December of 2004. You can find my hosting site here:

And lately I have also started the business of my childhood dreams - Wedding and Portrait Photography. If you are interested to take a look here it is: http://marina-maksimova.photo.

Some more facts about me:

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Well that’s all about me in a nutshell ;) . Do you have any questions? Please email me and I will be happy to chat :D !


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