Spooky Halloween WP Theme

This cool theme is made in spooky shades of purple, orange, red and black and filled with scary creatures, scared girls, black cats, bats, ghosts and such :lol: ! I am sure you will enjoy using this theme as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

Those graphics may not be used to make another images, changed, resized, altered in any way, etc. They should be used only for web page building purposes and can not be used as sigtags or offered as adoptions.
You can use those graphics for HTML layouts (without altering), link back is required on each page you use them.
You can’t use the Wordpress template with any other graphics, it’s for this theme only!
If you like my templates but prefer to use your own graphics please visit my Design Site http://www.cdhostndesign.com to purchase the template which you can use to make your own themes whether for yourself, for your members area, to offer as linkware or for sale.
You can also use them for personal or commercial (not mass production) printing if you have purchased the special license. On printing stuff it is appreciated if you can add the following text “Graphics © countrydelights.net”.

Press the thumbnails to see the graphics in it’s actual size!

Sample only!

Sample only!

Sample only!

More samples of graphics can be found on the corresponding Webset page here!

This WP theme include everything listed below but less than a half is shown. You can add your text to the blank banners and buttons.

* 3 header images (with and without text)
* 1 footer image
* 1 welcome text
* 20 medium misc graphics
* 7 little misc graphics
* 4 menu toppers
* 8 buttons
* 5 avatars
* 5 dividers
* 5 bullets
* 5 blank cards 200×100px
* 5 blank quilt squares 130×130px
* 4 blank banners 468×60px
* 5 blank buttons 88×31px
* 5 blank buttons 120×60px
* 36 backgrounds
* 3 logos
* WP template, widget ready for both columns (only for use with this theme, can’t be used with any other graphics)

Total: 122 graphics

Price: $6.99USD.

Your site URL is required to purchase the theme, this is just to check that my TOU is being followed :) .
Please use the shopping cart to make your purchase.
If you are planning to make more purchases from my graphics and/or design sites please checkout after you add all the items you want to the shopping cart.

Your name
Site URL

After your payment will be processed graphics will be delivered to you during next 3 days on working days, up to 5 days on weekends and holidays. If you pay with e-check it may take additional 5-7 days to clear it.
Thank you for shopping at Country Delights!

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