Wish List

Hello and thank you for your desire to get acquainted with my wishes :) . I decided to put the list together since my wonderful sisters and friends were asking me to do so! Basically I love any gifts :lol: . But if you are at a loss as what to gift me here goes ;) .

Info for the siggies:
Light skin
Red hair
Green eyes
Fav colors for clothes: light green, lavender and pink
Fav color palette: pastel colors
Fav creatures: fairies, unicorns, cute mermaids, sheep, teddies, dolphins, kitties and doggies
Likes: everything cute, sweet and beautiful, flowers, rainbows, stars, sparkles, fairytales, sea
Dislikes: goth, anything black and scary

Membership sites I would love to join or renew (and get the tube licenses where possible :) ):

Faery Pixels (join members area with tube license) Gifted myself for Christmas :)

Kreated4U (join members area with tube license)
Sweetpea fairy (join members area with tube license)

I would love to get bases/tubes/outlines sets with tube license from the following sites:

Berliner Baerin - Outlines (the new ones because I have all old ones hehe)!
Hearts Enchanted - Base Sets (the new ones because I have all old ones hehe)!
MeMeAnn’s Graphics - Tubes and Outlines!
Rosey Posey Pixels - Tubes and Outlines with Tube License (the new ones because I have all old ones hehe)!
Andrea’s Lil Pixels - Outlines with Tube License!
Rutan’s Delight - Tubes!
Smile Recipe - Tubes!

Thank you so much to those who already traded with me or gave me the gifts :mrgreen: !!! You can see the links to those wonderful people on my membership page ;) .

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