Terms of Use

Thank you for your desire to get acquainted with my rules and to follow them. If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to ask me, I am always willing to communicate with you. Now on to the rules:

1. My sites are not the public domain. I hold the copyright to all my creations. If you don’t know exactly what is copyright, you can read about it on this site: http://www.whatiscopyright.org.
Buying my graphics you purchase the right to display it on your site or email but not the ownership of it.
You may not claim my graphics, texts, layouts or any other creations as your own work.

2. My graphics can not be altered in any way except adding the text where applicable (read the additional rules on each page where graphics is displayed). Altering includes but not limited to cropping, resizing, recoloring, animating, adding borders, etc. Therefore you can not create using my graphics tubes, cards, banners, awards, stationery, sigtags or any other kind of images.

3. My layouts and texts are created by me with notepad and hand coding and copyrighted to me. If you want to use them in parts or in whole contact me first and we can arrange some agreement. Please don’t COPY my Terms of Use, my welcoming messages, my copyright notice, anything that is NOT intended to be copied!

4. My creations can not be redistributed in any way, meaning you cannot offer them for download from your own site or include in the collections, online or on CDs/DVDs.

5. If you have a website it should be family friendly - NO pornography, nudity and sex content, promotion of exploitation, abuse and hate of human beings. I ask you to use on each page you display my creations “No right click” script which can be found at Dynamic Drive.

6. If you don’t have a website or would like to use my designs for printing you need to purchase Printing license.

7. I require link back to my site http://www.countrydelights.net either using the logo (where applicable) or VISIBLE text link for each of my creations on the same page you use it or in each email (if the graphics is meant to be used in emails).

8. All the graphics are offered as it is, the changes are made only where stated on the page. All sales are final and no refunds can be made. If the text you ask me to put on the graphics is too long I may change the font to the smaller one to fit.

9. I can accept only payments through PayPal in US dollars (I am PayPal verified). You can sign up for PayPal account for free and use any major credit card through it or your bank account. When I receive your order by email I will check your site in compliance with my rules within 2 working days (not including Saturdays and Sundays) and bill you through PayPal by email. I expect you to pay within 2 working days (unless you inform me of any special circumstances), otherwise I will have to delete your order and put the graphics on sale again. After I receive your payment I will send you the graphics within 2 working days (not including Saturdays and Sundays). If the payment was made with eCheck I will send you the order only when the check is cleared.

10. By using any of my creations you agree to follow those rules in their integrity even you haven’t read them completely.
I reserve the right to change my terms whenever I feel it’s necessary without prior notice.

Thank you for reading and following my terms. If after reading the rules you have any questions or unclear moments you are always welcome to ask me! I hope you will enjoy your stay and come back often.

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