Angels Sigtags

Those sigtags are sold unlimited. Can be used in emails or on your sites. Text link back to my site required whenever you use them!

My terms of use apply here!

NOTE: All sigtags come as they are, only indicated changes will be made with no extra charge. If you need to make other changes (not indicated above each sigtag) please make the custom order, thank you!

Now you can get the matching Incredimail letter together with your sigtag just for 1$ extra!

Guardian Angel

You can choose the colors of clothes (pink, purple or blue) and hair (blond, brown, red or black).
Press the thumbnail of the IM letter sample to see the bigger one.

Only sigtag price: 1.50US$

Name on sigtag
Chosen colors

Sigtag + IM letter price: 2.50US$

Name on sigtag
Chosen colors

To purchase your desired sigtags either use the shopping cart or send me email to (you need to type the email address into your email program, changing AT for @) with the subject “CDG Angels Siggies Purchase” and the following info (please send me all required info, I will need to check it to prevent fraudulent submissions):

1. Your first and last name (plus your nickname if you have one)
2. Your website(s) URL(s)
3. Your ISP email address or your domain email address (ISP is Internet Service Provider)
4. Your Paypal email address
5. If you will be paying from Credit or Debit card (through Paypal) OR from Paypal balance, e-check, bank account
6. Which sigtag(s) you would like to purchase
7. Chosen characters and colors (where applicable)
8. Name for your sigtag(s)

As soon as I get your email and check your info I will send you the bill to pay through Paypal.

After your payment will be processed graphics will be delivered to you during next 3 days on working days, up to 5 days on weekends and holidays. If you pay with e-check it may take additional 5-7 days to clear it.
Thank you for shopping at Country Delights!



In creating those sigtags may be used some tubes, lines, bases and tuts from my Memberships.

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